Mobility Aid Information Tag

Physical tag with information critical for safe handling of your mobility aid during air travel

Completing the Mobility Aid Input FormCompleting the Mobility Aid Input Form ACCESS THE INPUT FORM
Image showing Mobility Aids Information Tag sample
Figure 1: Mobility Aids Information Tag sample
Graphic showing What is the tag
Graphic showing What is the tag

What is The Tag and
how does it work?

The Tag is a physical tag, similar to a baggage tag, that is attached to your mobility aid and remains there to provide any airline you travel on with information necessary to safely transport your device.

In addition to collecting the information that will be printed on the physical tag, this website gathers other details that may help the airline provide better assistance to you during your travel journey.

Filling out the
Mobility Aid Input Form

The form is designed to gather important information about your mobility aid so that the physical tag can be printed and mailed to you to affix to your device. You will also receive a PDF version of the tag via email that you can take with you when you travel.

Additional information regarding the assistance you need to travel is also gathered so that it can be shared with participating airlines to improve your travel experience.

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